The Masterplan

Nicholson Quarter is designed around a sequence of open streets and spaces that connect and knit into the town.

Sir Nicholas Winton Square is the heart of the Nicholson Quarter. The place to…celebrate together.

Nicholson Yard, White Hart Yard and Brewery Yard link the square to High Street through interesting alleyways. The place to…explore.

Moffatt Street is a new east-west street connecting King Street to the heart of the quarter. The place to…find provisions.

Desborough Way is a new north-south street and route to the station. A place to…enjoy the finer things in life.

On the Broadway is Sydenham Place; a new public space greening this street. A place to…let the good times roll.

King Street is repaired through the creation of new frontages. A place to…stay forever young.

Brock Lane is brought back to life. A key connection to the rest of the town.

“We need something thought-provoking and architecturally controversial to put Maidenhead on the map”

Maidenhead resident (Community Engagement)