Brewery Yard

The place to… meet your favourite maker

Champion the original

Independent local retailers, artisans and provenders occupy intimate spaces enabled to ‘plug and play’. Welcoming small-scale ventures with amenable leases that adjust for seasonality and incubation.

You’ll find…
  • Higher number of denser smaller units means more choice.
  • Studios, pottery, artists, gallery, book shop, cycle shop/repair.
  • Quirky, artisanal retail.
  • Mixed purpose retail + cultural space.
  • Community spaces.
  • Workology – flexible work spaces that breach the divide between work and play
Still_Brewery Yard

“Draw in arts and culture, make it a place where small groups can hire a space, join an art class, display their work, have a coffee, be inspired!”

Maidenhead resident (Community Engagement)