You said, we did

Our response to the Community Planning weekend

The following table sets out key community aspirations that emerged through the process and how they have influenced the proposals for the new Nicholson Quarter.

You said We did
Uplift the town centre
  • Integrated into the wider town centre making use of existing and historic links to create a thriving town centre
  • Pedestrian friendly environment with public open space with safe access for all
Create a new retail experience
  • Intention to create an independent retail offer with a blend of small and larger units with focus on shops, restaurants and cafes at ground level
  • Intend to provide flexible leases and affordable rents
  • Complementary offer to the high street to help its revitalisation
Be bold and create a distinctive landmark for Maidenhead town centre
  • Distinctive, high quality 25 storey building provides a focal point to the town centre
Create a new town quarter with public square
  • Sir Nicholas Winton Square – a new, flexible public square at the heart of Maidenhead town centre, surrounded by a range of uses
Provide a mix of uses including housing, workspace, cultural, community and retail
  • Retail led scheme with complementary town centre uses including community space, car park, heritage centre, restaurants, bars and leisure spaces
  • Scheme will provide a mix of office and residential uses, including C2 Later Living above ground
  • Mixed tenure including later living
Improve the daytime and evening social, arts and culture provision
  • New heritage and community centre located within the site
  • Flexible public open spaces able to cater for a range of events, markets, etc.
  • Improved connections to the cinema and gym etc.
  • Complimentary to Norden Farm Centre for Arts
Provide safe places for young people to ‘hang out’
  • Safe public spaces that are well overlooked and lit at night
  • Provision of cafes and restaurants
Improve Pedestrian, Cycle and Transport Connections
  • The Nicholson Quarter is publicly accessible 24/7 365 days a year
  • Pedestrian priority environment
  • Public cycle racks provided at entrances to The Nicholson Quarter
  • Dedicated cycle racks for residents and businesses
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Points and Car Club scheme provided
  • Shop Mobility centre located in new car park
  • Level access thresholds where possible
  • New Bus Stop
Retain or relocate existing car park within the site
  • Broadway vehicular movements made two way to public car park entrance
  • Bus stop provided along Broadway
  • Existing car parking will be relocated to a less visually dominant part of the site, closer to the town’s cultural centre
Protect Maidenhead’s rural hinterland
  • Higher density scheme within central Maidenhead to reduce pressure on the greenbelt
Improve green space and strengthen links to existing parks and waterways
  • Tree lined streets and improved connections to civic waterways
  • Podium gardens and roof terraces
Continue community engagement
  • Community update exhibition
  • Accessibility and other forums
  • Website and app launched
  • Post-submission exhibition planned