A new heart for Maidenhead

Varied scales of streets and spaces shift the pace and purpose, compelling us to venture forward and explore. At the heart of Maidenhead you’ll find…

Different ways to shop

A curated offer of independent and local shops, bars and restaurants with quirkier units, shorter and more flexible leases, and fewer national chains. Offering a mix of affordability to excite and encourage start-ups.

Different ways to live

Homes for sale and housing for later living, bringing activity and footfall to underpin the viability of town centre uses and reducing pressure for housing in the green belt.

Different ways to work

Different ways to work: HQ-quality workplaces, providing opportunities that strengthen Maidenhead’s location for clustering of international and national headquarters. Also smaller office units, co-working spaces, studios and workshops. Creating diversity in provision of workspace and flexible leases encouraging new business enterprise.

Different ways to move around

New bus stops, cycle parking and new public realm. A multi-storey car park, including shop mobility, car club and electric charging points. A new arrival and departure point that heralds the heart of the town centre.

Different ways to get together

Serving the community through generous public spaces, open squares providing a range of activities, and an inspiring heritage centre. Creating seamless links into the wider town centre and beyond to the public parks.
“Love the idea. We really need this for Maidenhead”
Maidenhead resident (Community Engagement)