A new lease of life

Imagine a town alive and adventurous. Where High Street, King Street and Queen Street meet, you will find Maidenhead’s new heart. Built on the pride and aspirations of locals who helped bring it to life, encounter a different style of centre designed for the future. The place where well-loved favourites sit alongside unexpected newcomers giving you the best of both worlds to explore.

Bringing a new lease of life to the town through a compelling mix of workplaces, homes, shops and public spaces, creating energy, day and night, weekday and weekend. Different scales of streets and spaces create a place with pace and rhythm, that’s ripe for exploration. A place where anticipation rises and something wonderful is set to be discovered around every corner.

“Create a destination place which provides an interesting experience for people coming shopping. There should be sheer enjoyment in wandering around.”

Maidenhead resident (Community Engagement)